Avoiding an Attack

Avoiding an attack is a key part of any real self defense system.  The primary key to Avoiding an Attack is    Awareness.  The second aspect of Avoiding an Attack is actually responding to the information you see or feel.

Several of the early attacks I personally experienced were a direct result of not taking action.  I saw or felt something that told me that there was a potentially bad situation and then ignored my own awareness and / or observation.

A big part of taking action and Avoiding an Attack is learning to consider your options in any given situation.  For example considering alternate routes you can take if there is something or someone(s) blocking your path, knowing more than one way to exit from where you are at any given time, learning to consider the potential of bad scenarios and taking appropriate steps to avoid them before they can even become an issue.  For example parking in an area during the day that after dark is not well lit or that is off of the beaten path enough that a crime can occur there without anyone seeing it.