Kung Fu Secrets of Bass Guitar.

My first class with Sigung Clear…

(We talked about that on Monday)

…was just like learning to play Bass.

I had decided I wanted to learn Bass Guitar. So, I made an appointment at the local music shop and went to meet their teacher.

He had a Celtics cap & was originally from the Boston area.

Here’s what he said,

“I could teach you to play a song each week. That’s what a lot of teachers do. And in a year you’ll be able to play 52 songs.

That may sound like a lot, but if you want to be a musician, you’ve got to know a lot more.

So instead I can teach you how this instrument works. I can teach you the skills you need, the principles and the theory behind it.

Once you understand that you won’t need to memorize a bunch of songs. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on and just jump in and play with anybody.”

The martial arts are plagued with teachers who only teach songs.

Their students learns form after form but when it comes time to play everything falls apart.

…because in self defense no two songs are ever the same.

With Clear’s Silat you learn how to play.

Sigung Clear breaks everything down, note by note, so you can understand the pieces.

You learn the theory behind it. And you learn how to listen. How to read your attackers & understand what’s happening around you.

So when the time comes to jam you just jump right in. You may not know this song but you know what’s going on.

You can improvise and take it wherever you need to.

We need more martial arts teachers like my Bass teacher.

Folks who want to teach people how to really use these arts instead of just teaching form after form. People who love to learn, to work hard and who love to play.

We need you. (Celtics cap is optional.) Your mind and body is your instrument.

Don’t just memorize more songs.

To learn how to really play go here:


Take Care,
Ben Sterling

P.S. We’ll be in Peoria IL this coming weekend and Albany NY two weeks after that. Email me for details.