Programming an Attacker

Programming for fighting purposes is simply the idea of getting an opponent used to something and then doing something different so that it catches them by surprise.

There are quite a few different ways to program and catch someone. I will include a few examples here. Have your partner field your techniques while you are moving around them in a circular pattern.

1. Move rhythmically and then while continuing to move rhythmically hit to a different area than where you have been striking. For example: Throw a punch to the head followed by a kick to the leg several times in a row and then on the 3rd or 4th repetition throw a punch to hit the arm that your training partner has been blocking with.

2. Throw the same punch but use a broken rhythm so that your training partner knows that you are throwing a punch but they do not know when you are going to throw it so that they have to really focus and work on catching the punch. After a moment or two throw a surprise kick.

3. Move around your partner throwing a pattern of several hits and kicks and then throw something that is not in the pattern or / and that has a different timing in order to catch them by surprise.

A typical street programming strategy is to fake a hit and when they see how the victim is going to naturally react and how fast and if they stop (the most common reaction) then they throw a real hit designed to catch the intended victim.

In Clear’s Silat we have several different basic responses to the attempt to program in order to throw a successful sucker punch. I will include 2 of the basic strategies here:

The first is if the person attempts to throw a strike at us we either get moving away and / or around the person and do not stop until satisfied that we are safe or we simply attack the attacker’s feint and position as if it is real so that we can not so easily be sucker punched.