Situation Awareness

What is your current level of Situation  Awareness?  Do you always immediately know about how many people are within 20 feet of you?  How about 50 feet from you?  How many people are 2-300 feet away from you in an area such as parking lot or a park?  You do not need to know an exact number if there are a lot of people.  But if there are only a few people then with just a glance you should immediately have a general idea of about how many and about how far away they are from you.

Situation Awareness also involves having a general idea of what people are doing.  Are they running towards you?  Are they walking in your general direction.  If you change and walk in a different direction then do they change also?  What does their body language look like?  How do they make you feel?  Also, a good criminal does their best to make you feel like they are not a threat so listen to yourself if something feels wrong but do not always listen if everything feels okay because the criminal may be fooling you or you may not be paying enough attention etc..

In this post I have asked you to consider a lot of questions.  The next time you are out go through some of these.  Even if everything is okay and  most likely it will be the exercise is good for your Situation Awareness and your attention to detail.  In a bad situation forewarned is forearmed and just might save your life.