Squish like grape…

“Walk on the road
walk right side, safe
walk left side, safe
Walk middle, sooner or later
get squished just like grape.” – Mr. Miyagi

It’s true for Self defense.

  • Walk right side: End the situation without any violence 
  • Walk left side: Destroy the threat. 
  • Walk middle: You either use more force than is justified by the situation and end up in deep legal and moral trouble or you don’t use enough force and get killed. 
It’s true for distance. 
  • Walk right side: The attackers cannot reach you. 
  • Walk left side: You are so close the attacker is overwhelmed. 
  • Walk middle: You are in hamburger range and that is what you become. 

(good positioning and timing skills can make you appear to walk in the middle when in reality you are walking on both the left and right sides of the road)

It’s true for internal body states like Heavy & Light 

  • Walk right side: You are so heavy and solid the attacker will break their fist if the strike you. 
  • Walk left side: You are so elusive the attacker feels like they are punching the air. 
  • Walk middle: Your solid enough to be hit and soft enough to take the damage. 

(Heavy and Light can be combined. The key is to be extremely heavy and extremely light at the same time. Not to be somewhere in the middle.)

“Do or Do Not”

“The red pill or the blue one”

You’ll see these extremes throughout our programs.

Learn how the all or nothing approach to self defense can keep you not only physically safe but legally and morally safe as well:


Take Care,
Ben Sterling

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