Street Self Defense

We often refer to and market our Clear’s Silat & Street Kung Fu (Kun Tao) program as Street Self Defense.  What defines or is meant by Street Self Defense?  Well, first an art that claims to be an effective Street Self Defense has to take physical safety into account.  If you cannot defend and protect yourself with it then it is not Street Self Defense.   Secondly, it must take into account situations and scenarios.  This includes the fact that often the odds are against you and that sometimes the odds are overwhelming.   Thirdly, It must take into account the legal ramifications of your response to an intended assailant.

Real Street Self Defense has no sport component.  It is not a sport modified for the street and it is certainly nothing you can use in any contest such as an extreme fighting event.  It is brutal and there is nothing sportsman like about it.  Running can be and often is an option.  When you are forced to physically fight in order to protect yourself then going for vital targets designed to incapacitate the attacker is high on the list of immediate options.  Personal survival is the primary concern.