Clear’s Silat Phase 1

Cost Tape Video Tape Name & Description  
Phase 1 Curriculum
$50 1s0 Bagua Exercises (Silat Warm-Up) [wp_cart:1s0-Bagua Exercises:price:50:end]

1s1 Silat Open Hand Basics of Attack and Defense review      

* Move in a way so you can’t be vitally or critically hit. They can not even graze you without risking more than they want to get near you.
* Hit a minimum of 20 times in 7 seconds with full power.
* How to Get behind the attacker!

[wp_cart:1s1-Open Hand Basics:price:50:end]
$50 1s2 Silat Elbows & Hand Destructions
* Spot paralysis techniques.
[wp_cart:1s2-Elbow, Hand Destructions:price:50:end]
$100 1s3 Silat Knees, Foot Destructions (DESTROYING KICKS) & Combined Destructions
* Spot paralysis techniques.
[wp_cart:1s3-Knees, Foot Destructions, Combined Destructions:price:100:end]
$100 1s4 Stealing the Energy & Basic Kilap (Explosive Energy) [wp_cart:1s4-Stealing the Energy:price:100:end]
$50 1s5 Silat Alive Hands (Rhythm & Broken Rhythm) [wp_cart:1s5 – Alive Hands:price:50:end]
$50 1s6 8 Angles of Attack/Waist & Knee Power [wp_cart:1s6 – 8 Angles:price:50:end]
$50 1s7 Silat Decoy & Programming Basics
* How to prevent an attacker from ever faking you out.
[wp_cart:1s7 – Decoy & Programming:price:50:end]
$100 1s8 Action Beats Reaction/Timing Secrets/Walking & Running Attacks
* Catch full speed punches out of the air.
* Beat the opponent to the punch every time.
[wp_cart:1s8 – Action Beats Reaction:price:100:end]
$100 1s9 Silat Ranges of Fighting/Retreating Forwards & Zero Pressure (PRACTICAL USE OF RUNNING ATTACKS) [wp_cart:1s9 – Ranges,Retreating Forwards, & Zero Pressure:price:100:end]
$75 1s10 Kun Tao Silat Stances Basics A – 8 Limb Techniques and Kilap (bone shields, prayer hands decoy, body triangles, and head butt)
* Make attackers hurt themselves when they strike at you. (The harder and faster they strike the worse it is for them.)
[wp_cart:1s10 – Kun Tao A:price:75:end]
$75 1s11 Kun Tao Silat Stances Basics B – Combining All Aspects
(balance & forward momentum, manipulating leverage & fielding)
[wp_cart:1s11 – Kun Tao B:price:75:end]
$75 1s12 Kun Tao Bear & Kalong (orangutan) & the Hen & Ha Roar & the Bear Style Juru
* Learn how to use a secret sound to shock an attacker’s nervous system.
[wp_cart:1s12 – Bear Style, Hen & Ha:price:75:end]
$50 1s13 Silat Lift Kicks, Jamming (Pukolan) & Body Choke Points (Also review Shock Kicks)
* Make your kick invisible to an attacker & feel as hard as a baseball bat.
[wp_cart:1s13 – Lift Kicks & Jamming:price:50:end]
$50 1s14 Silat Evasions
* Destroy Karate type kicks.
[wp_cart:1s14 – Evasions:price:50:end]
$75 1s15 Silat Defeating Destructions & Kneeling Destructions
* Learn a special technique that will defeat an attacker using elbows & knees.
[wp_cart:1s15 – Defeating Destructions & Kneeling Destructions:price:75:end]
$50 1s16 Silat Guntang, Elbow Drills & Slaps then Destructions to Destructions [wp_cart:1s16 – Guntang, Elbow Drills & slaps to destructions:price:50:end]
$50 1s17 Silat Long Range Fighting [wp_cart:1s17 – Long Range Fighting:price:50:end]
$50 1s18 Silat Stop-Hits and Spot Hits
* Instantly analyze an attacker’s weaknesses.
[wp_cart:1s18 – Stop & Spot Hits:price:50:end]
$50 1s19 Silat Falling and Rolling and Phase I Ground fighting.
* Defend from the ground well enough that a standing attacker will fear you.
[wp_cart:1s19 – Falling, Rolling & Ground fighting:price:50:end]
$100 1s20 Silat Grappling Basics 1 – Studying the Body’s Vulnerabilities & the Kun Tao Clock & Twist Method [wp_cart:1s20 – Grappling Basics:price:100:end]
$100 1s21 Silat Kilat Grappling (1 second or less) [wp_cart:1s21 – Kilat Grappling:price:100:end]
$100 1s22 Silat Escaping Holds & Locks & Flowing from Lock to Lock, Counter lock & Escape Drill
* Easily escape from any hold & beat Brazilian SPORT Jiu-Jitsu.
* How to use 2 fingers to incapacitate someone trying to choke you.
[wp_cart:1s22 – Escaping Holds:price:100:end]
$75 1s23 Silat Basic Multiple Attackers (Positioning)
* Instantly gain an advantageous position to fight multiple attackers.
[wp_cart:1s23 – Multiple Attackers:price:75:end]
$50 1s24 Jumping-Madi and Monkey Kun Tao [wp_cart:1s24 – Jumping:price:50:end]

Phase 1 Supplemental – Not Included with the Phase 1 set
$35 1sA1 Demo & Intro to Pentjak Silat [wp_cart:1sa1 – Intro to Silat:price:35:end]
$75 1sA2 WELCOMING Postures [wp_cart:1sa2 – Welcoming Postures:price:75:end]
$50 1sA3 Silat Sticking Hands/Tapping Habbud Drills [wp_cart:1sa3 – Sticking Hands & Habbud:price:50:end]
$50 1sA4 Sticky Hands & Push Hands [wp_cart:1sa4 – Sticky Hands & Push Hands:price:50:end]
$75 1sA5 Silat Push and Pull with Aspects of Petjut, Pukolan, & Harimau [wp_cart:1sa5 – Push & Pull with petjut, pukolan & Harimau:price:75:end]
$50 1sA6 Basics of Stick & Knife [wp_cart:1sa6 – Stick & Knife Basics:price:50:end]