Street Tactics

In this detailed instructional video you will learn the same tactics and strategies that Sigung Clear’s students from all across the country have effectively used to defend themselves and their loved ones.

These are the same tactics Sifu Clear has used to survive over 15 street attacks.

“…I have to thank you because what I learned from all of you saved my life last year when I was to be a victim of a violent rape.
To this day I’m not sure how I did it, maybe the eye poking or the throat strike gave me the leverage…but the bloody end result was his pavement beaten face in my hands hearing [him] beg [me] not to kill him. I wanted to snap his neck, but I didn’t. He’s in prison. He was linked to several battery and rapes in Tampa.
THANK YOU. I want you to know how much your teaching saved a lot of heart ache.” -Melissa Rodriguez


  1. Jerry Bajek says

    Is this, or can this be used as a stand-alone course that may be taken in lieu of the complete Pencak Silat course?