Gun Tactics & Situation Strategies

A gun can be an effective self defense tool but without proper close quarters & scenario training it might as well be an expensive & dangerous paperweight. Even though you buy the best quality gun from the page, it all boils down to how safely it can be used.

Noted self-defense expert Richard Clear's tactically sound, real-world training method is straightforward, simple, and easy to 'get.'

  • Most gunfight deaths are the result of shots fired at less than 6 feet.
  • Over 75% of officers shot on duty are shot with their own weapon.

On this dvd Richard Clear takes a hard look at how actual attacks occur and you will learn the skills and attitude that have enabled Master Clear and his students to survive and win real-world attacks.


“Innovative, Reality Based, Essential to those who consider their gun for self defense.” -Howard Smith 30 years Law Enforcement Over 10 Years teaching firearms & officer survival techniques at the Broward County Police Academy.

This DVD includes:

  • SCENARIOS! Drills & Training.
  • How You stop the criminal from getting your gun
  • Practical skills you must have that greatly increase your odds of surviving a bad situation. (Most people neglect these and are completely unprepared for a bad situation when it happens. This alone is worth the price of the dvd)
  • What you Must do to win against Surprise Attacks
  • How to get The Position You Need to Draw Your Weapon in an Up Close & Personal situation.
  • The smartest way to practice drawing your gun
  • How & Why You need to Move while firing your weapon
  • How You easily counter an attackers hits, grabs or tackles
  • Simple & effective basics of handgun retention & disarms.

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