About Our Classes

At the Clear’s Silat National Headquarters we offer the community an alternative to the excellent sport and kids martial art programs available in East Tennessee.

Our programs are designed for adults who want to learn quick and effective self defense in a safe and professional environment.

There is no sporting or competitive component to what we do. Our sole focus is on how to protect ourselves and our loved ones as quickly, safely and effectively as possible While in dangerous situations involving groups of attackers armed with knives, baseball bats and other weapons.

There is no upper age limit to our classes. The art is designed to work just as effectively when you are old and out of shape.

Students receive a lot of individual 1 on 1 instruction.

We offer multiple class times to suit almost any schedule and students are free to come to as many classes per week as they like with no additional fees.

Silat Curriculum

Our major program and an early focus of training, our Silat instruction is designed to get a student to fighting competency quickly, guaranteed. Like most SE Asian fighting arts, Silat is quick to learn and brutal. Silat is a street art designed to deal with the worst of situations, multiple attackers, and weapons. The Silat program is available to adults only!

Kung Fu

Both beautiful and effective, but a little slower to learn, the school’s Kung Fu program incorporates training in both the internal and external aspects of the arts. This combined with exposure to multiple styles, including but not limited to: Pagua, Hsing-I, tiger, monkey, dragon, praying mantis, and drunken style, will result in students being able to execute techniques appropriate to the widest range of circumstances. Kung-Fu is taught separately, but also embedded within our Silat program.



Renown the world over for its’ health benefits, TaiChi is a complete and highly developed internal martial art (Neijia). A form of moving meditation, TaiChi promotes in the practitioner a sense of Qi (breath) circulation and health. As a martial art, TaiChi Chuan is powerful, fluid, and supple. A wonderful art on so many levels.


Russian System of hand-to-hand combat utilized by the SPETSNAZ [Elite Russian Special Forces] for high-risk missions! The Spetsnaz became masters of Systema (10th Century Christian Martial Art), further perfecting and continuously using it in covert & personal security operations.

No Katas, No Uniforms, No Formalities
No Rituals

Only Real Practical Training!