Clear’s Silat Family Holiday Gathering

Title: Clear’s Silat Family Holiday Gathering
SEMINAR: at the school from Noon:30 – 4:30
Combat Sticky and Push Hands

DINNER: Potluck 6:30p.m.-9:00p.m
WHERE: Clear Family Home

Come enjoy the holiday spirit, have fun, learn, socialize and mingle with friends.

Videos of Various Masters, Methods & Systems Will be shown.
*Studio will be open for Q & A and Demos

*Dinner is Casual dress
*Rsvp, ASAP, at your earliest convenience & make arrangements for attending with guest(s) & what to bring.

Must Respond By December 10th

Date: 2008-12-13


  1. I’m so glad I found this site in my favorites tonight. A couple, mabey four or five years ago my husband adamantly studied under SiGung Clear. On a few of lucky ocassions he allowed me to attend workshops held on S. Dale Mabrey in Tampa. I attended Tia Chi with Guroo(sorry, don’t know spelling)Greg for a short time. Anthony (Tony) spent countless hours with me home…instilling “no fear”. I have to thank you because what I learned from all of you saved my life last year when I was to be a victim of a violent rape. To this day I’m not sure how I did it, mabey the eye poking or the throat strike gave me the leverage…but the bloody end result was his pavement beaten face in my hands hearing beg not to kill him. I wanted to snap his neck, but I didn’t. He’s in prison. He was linked to several battery and rapes in Tampa. THANK YOU. I want you to know how much your teaching saved alot of heart ache. I hope to see you and Uncle Bill around for a seminar soon. If you and your family are still in TN, we’re moving to KY soon and will MAKE the drive when we can. Take care.