May 14-16 ’10 – Intensive Self Defense Workshop

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“Clear’s Street Kung Fu is the smartest approach to self defense I have ever seen and I have seen everything the military spec ops community has to offer from Delta and CIA to the British SAS.”
– Lt Col Robert Leonhard
CIA Advisor on US Military Strategy
Desert Storm Combat Veteran

This Executive “Boot Camp” Self Defense program saves lives! More than a few program graduates thought they would never have to use these violent tactics until the day they were brutally attacked on the street, in their business or in their homes. As a result this 2 -3 Day program has been “Street Tested” and Proven 100% Effective.
We Money Back Guarantee it!


By day 3 of this camp you will be able to fully apply these skills or get your money back.

  • 1 Touch / Hit Knockouts
  • Deliver 30+ Full Power Knockout Quality Hits in less than 10 seconds
  • Beat the Attacker to the Hit Every Time!
  • Breathing method that turns your Fear into Power to Defeat overwhelming odds
  • All Skills are practiced in real time Against moving full speed Attackers
  • Skills maintained in just minutes per week
  • We guarantee you won’t freeze under stress. Immediately Attain Full Combative mindset as needed in a situation making you overcome the freeze response that most people experience in a real situation.

“The Best Physical and Legal Approach to Self Defense/Personal Security I have ever seen.”
Charles Slepian
CEO & Attorney Foreseeable Risk Analysis
Airline Security Think Tank

Workshop Dates: Fri-Sun May 14-16, 2010
Cost is $2995.00 per person – Limit 35 participants.
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(865) 379-9997

“Thank God for your program! I am a 51 yr old offshore financial planner. In Costa Rica 9 guys attacked me.
This knowledge saved my life.

-Michael Kluzinski

People who have used this told us that when they were really attacked it was just like being in class. It felt the same. Which meant they were able to produce what we taught. The way they needed it. When they needed it. We guarantee we can do the same for you.

“I can professionally state that the techniques I’ve learned at Clear’s Silat Street Kung-Fu are far superior to anything I’ve studied & used thus far, especially when dealing with Multiple Attackers armed with weapons”, No B.S., Bar None!!!”
Roy L. “Hoot” Shields
Retired Federal Agent US DOE
Nuclear Weapons Transportation
Former Air Force Special Ops
29 Yr. Multiple Black Belt Martial Artist
Founding President of Highlanders Biker Club

Workshop Dates: Fri-Sun May 14-16, 2010
Cost is $2995.00 per person – Limit 35 participants.
Call Now! Reserve Your Spot Early!
(865) 379-9997