Bagua Stepping for Fighting – TUR March 19th Show Notes

This week on Temple Underground Radio we will talk about how to get your Bagua up to fighting speed.

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Study the lessons below to get the most out of this show.

Function Before Form

You should have functional fighting ability within 1 year of studying the internal arts. (Bagua, Tai Chi, Xing Yi)

To do this you must study function before form.

Form without function cannot be corrected & improved.

If you understand function then you can make corrections and keep your training as closely aligned with the end goal as possible.

You must have feedback. Drills and exercises that highlight your mistakes and allow you to correct them.

Get Started with Circle Walking & Stepping for Fighting

These drills should be practiced before solo circle walking practice.

Bagua is a multiple attacker art.

You must take these fundamentals & drill with multiple partners to make it functional.

Extensive multiple attacker drills to get your Bagua up to fighting speed are taught in the Bagua basics package.

We also talked about Bagua exercises and health:

What about Internal Refinement?

The Bagua Basics Package teaches internal energies and drills for training these energies against multiple opponents.

We also recommend using Clear’s Internal Push Hands in conjunction with the above training.

Basic Push Hands Lessons:

How do I know when I’m doing whole body breathing?

This is introduced in The Practical Guide to Internal Power:

The Practical Guide to Internal Power

Free 6 month guide to internal power development.

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