Wing Chun Lesson 2: Sticking & Trapping

This is lesson 2 in our free online Wing Chun Training.

Rapidly build your sticking & trapping skills with this simple game.

  • Both people stand facing each other in the Wing Chun Stance from lesson 1.
  • Both people hold their arms out and make contact with their partners arms.
  • Partner A’s goal is to stay in contact with both of Partner B’s arms. (Anywhere form the tip of his fingers to his shoulder counts.)
  • Partner B’s goal is to get one hand free, so that partner A doesn’t have contact with it in any way, and keep it free as long as possible. (Without putting the hand behind you. It should still be within reach or your partner even though they can’t get to it.)

Play for a few minutes and then switch roles.

There should be no contact to the head or body and no stepping (for now.)

This sticking and controlling is a core skill of Wing Chun.

Partner A as is focused on building their ability to stick no matter what and partner B is learning to stick and trap to get a hand free. Later on you will use these skills to trap both of the opponents hands so they cannot strike you while can strike them.