Handgun Retention Course

“Innovative, Reality Based, Essential to those who consider their gun for self defense.”

-Howard Smith
30 years Law Enforcement
Over 10 Years teaching firearms & officer survival techniques at the Broward County Police Academy.

75% of all officers shot & killed are shot with their own gun.
9 out of 10 people shot are shot by their own gun. -FBI Statistics.

Gun Retention, Scenario Training, and Defensive Shooting Tactics

Scenarios, Retention & Tactics

Attacks happen at close range and you may have to fend off an attacker before you have the opportunity to draw your gun. Once you draw your gun the attacker may grab it so they can shoot you with your own gun. Learn how to deal with this and other difficult situations.

  • SCENARIOS! Drills & Training, All your Questions Answered!
  • How You stop the criminal from getting your gun
  • Practical skills you must have that
    Increase your odds of surviving a bad situation.
    (Most people neglect these and are completely unprepared for a bad situation when it happens. This alone is worth the price of admission.)
  • The most effective attacks used by hardened criminals & What you really must do to survive.
  • What you Must do to win against Surprise Attacks
  • How You get The Position You Need to Draw Your Weapon in an Up Close & Personal situation.
  • The smartest way to practice drawing your gun
  • How & Why You need to Move while firing your weapon
  • How You easily counter an attackers hits, grabs or tackles

About the Instructor

32 Years Experience in Situational self defense

including surviving attacks from guns, knives and multiple attackers attacking by surprise.

The Instructor is Internationally
Recognized Master Sifu Richard Clear.

Self Defense Master of the Year 2007 -USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

NRA Qualified in 1995

Owner of Clear’s Silat & Street Kung Fu
Creator of Nationally Recognized Executive Self Defense Courses
Physical Security Advisor to
Foreseeable Risk Analysis Security Think tank based in NYC

  • Studying since 1976
  • Teaching since 1985
  • Survivor of over 15 life and death Street Attacks
    3 incidents involved firearms, several attacks involved edged weapons and several involved multiple attackers. Each of these incidents were a learning experience and added reality to the teachings received and further studies of Master Clear. The attacks were a direct result of living and working in bad areas in some of America’s top 10 crime cities.
  • Master (Red Sash) Old Hand Shao lin & Internal Kung Fu
    Advanced training received from China’s “old Masters”
    including the Winner of the last Chinese Full Contact Death Matches
  • MASTER OF PENTJAK SILAT & KUN TAO SILAT (6th Degree Black Sash) Certified by Willem de Thouars
  • Si-Tai-Gung STREET KUNG FU (Founder -Head of System)
  • Technical Advisor for History Channels “Human Weapon”
  • Certified Instructor of Russian Martial Art Systema
    by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev as of May 2003
    The Only Certified Silat & Systema instructor in Tennessee.

Previous and current students
of Master Clear’s close quarters tactics

This includes edged weapon and firearms
defense at close range:
  • Tampa (Hillsborough County) SWAT -27 member team -One of the largest SWAT teams in the USA working in one of the top 10 crime areas in the United States.
  • Charles Slepian – Director of Foreseeable Risk Analysis Security Think tank
  • Lt Col Robert Leonhard – CIA Instructor -Langley Virginia, Writer of Official US govt war policy on how to conduct inner city warfare as currently used in Iraq, author of 3 books on Maneuver warfare, Bradley Battalion Commander in Operation Desert Shield, Currently a senior operative in a National Security Think Tank based outside of Washington DC.
  • Numerous law enforcement and firearm instructors including New York City law enforcement for JFK airport and senior members of New York Governor Giuliani’s office in New York City within 3 months after 9/11/2001.
  • US Special Forces Personnel deploying out of SOCOM at McDill Air Force Base Tampa Florida

About the Course

This is a 4 hour workshop in defensive handgun techniques that focuses on scenarios, retention and tactics. The course assumes that you have a gun and carry or plan to carry a gun for self protection.A gun can give you an advantage in a bad situation but, only if you are properly prepared.

Our Defensive Gun Workshop illustrates the real life problems of carrying and depending on a firearm and the reality of street-smart criminal attacks. The foundation of the workshop is training through real life examples, scenarios and situations. We first show you the problem and then give you comprehensive solutions to these situations and let you practice against unwilling partners. We do this very safely and in such a way so that when you actually learn our method of how to protect yourself you will know for certain that you can actually do it.

The workshop begins with real life examples of the harsh realities of how criminal attacks happen illustrated with scenarios. This begins with the simple fact that:

  1. criminals attack when you least suspect it
  2. are not ready with a gun already in hand
  3. and when the criminal is at their best and most prepared.

Then, through practical hands on training we teach effective and efficient solutions to the problems that are inherent in any real situation that a civilian may encounter where self defense is the only acceptable option.

Unfortunately, the reality of civilian self defense is that the defender usually begins their defense from an extreme position of weakness and disadvantage. Often the victim is facing a weapon and/or already being assaulted when they realize they need to defend themselves. This is not an accident. Criminals are smart about being criminals.

  • They use the element of Surprise,
  • they plan ahead
  • they give little or no warning that they are about to attack.

After the criminal has decided the where, when and how of the crime they then cruise the area they have selected or wait nearby for someone to show up and become the victim that they have been waiting for. This is as simple as cruising a large Wal-Mart or Mall parking lot and waiting for someone to walk in the parking lot coming to or from the store. When the conditions are right the criminal(s) confront their victim. From a distance (to other people and surveillance cameras) it just looks like someone in a car is talking to someone who is standing there when the criminal is actually pointing a gun at the victim.

Many people mistakenly believe that owning or carrying a gun will give them the advantage in a bad situation. Having your carry permit and shooting at targets several times a week for years is not enough to help you overcome an armed criminal attack. If the attacker already has a gun pointed at you and your hands are up in the air while your gun is snug in its holster or stuck in your purse then simply owning or carrying a gun is not enough. In this case, the gun does not give you any security or advantage at exactly the time when you need it the most. More training is required. This workshop will show you exactly what you need to know to gain the advantage against the armed criminal.

If an empty handed attacker is close enough to reach you and is using physical size, aggression and intimidation to rob or harm you and you reach for your gun the criminal will immediately begin punching, swinging or tackling you with everything they have. They realize that they are fighting for their life. Normally, this means that either you can not get your gun out or if you do manage to get your gun out then you will likely be furiously fighting with the criminal in order to keep your gun. If the criminal gets your gun and obviously knows that you would have shot them or held them at gunpoint then most likely they will shoot you. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 people get shot with their own gun. Criminals do not have normal reservations about shooting people and will usually feel justified shooting you if they think you might shoot them.

When an assault begins with the criminal pointing a gun at you, you will not be able to reach for, draw and pull out your weapon without getting shot. Criminals are very aware of the tricks that people play in order to attempt to get their gun out and if you try the same old tricks (that at this point are common public knowledge) such as turning away from the attacker while you are trying to look like you are getting your wallet out or you toss your money or wallet with even a little to much vigor or bad acting then the reality is that you will probably get shot.

The difference between our workshop and so many others is that our program is for civilians and our scenarios are based on real situations and crimes that routinely happen every day in America to regular people just like you. Although we do have scenarios that are from large inner cities many of our examples are based on crimes that have actually happened right here in Maryville, Alcoa and Blount County.

We teach our programs based on civilians and the rules of engagement for civilians. Law enforcement personnel have different rules of engagement and very different situations to deal with than civilians. Criminals rarely try to rob or rape a police officer on the street and the normal criminal response to law enforcement is to run the other way and if and when a fight occurs it usually ensues as a result of the criminal resisting arrest. This is a far cry from what civilians have to deal with.

The retention part of our course is also unique in that it is taught by hand to hand expert Richard Clear with over 30 years experience in self defense and body movement and control arts. Most retention and law enforcement courses require to much fancy manipulation of the opponent and the weapon and are designed for use by professionals who are expected to practice and refine what they learn on a daily basis. Our methods and techniques utilize gross motor skills and natural movement and are simple to learn but very effective in a wide variety of situations and circumstances. This makes it easy for you to remember and apply these techniques when you need to when your life is on the line.

It is our goal to make this a safer place for as many law abiding citizens as we can and to take the advantage back away from the criminals. This workshop has a satisfaction or money back guarantee. Please call me at (865) 379-9997 with any questions you might have. I look forward to working with you.

Yours in Safety,