30 Xing Yi Lessons & 7 Qigong Lessons

Internal Combat Arts 16 Week Course:

Kuntao Xing Yi Quan (Weeks 5 – 8)

 ** Lesson 1. Xing Yi Quan

In our Xing Yi training we focus on the Internal Principles and the Fighting Methods first.

We find this is a much more effective way to learn Xing Yi than starting with forms and postures.

  ** Lesson 2. The Five Elements

The 5 Elemental Fists are the core of Xing Yi. All other forms (animals, weapons, linking) are just variations & combinations of the 5 Fists.

** Lessons 3 – 5. Pi Chuan – The Chopping fist

You learn how to add more power & body integration to what you already learned
You learn how to overwhelm the opponent with a rapid barrage of continuous Pi Chuan strikes.

** Lessons 6 – 7. Tsuan Chuan – The Drilling Fist

You learn the powerful ‘drilling’ method of this fist and, just like with Pi, you learn a continues fighting method. (not just the application of a few techniques)

** Lesson 8. Chopping & Drilling

You learn how to combine the Pi and Tsuan methods and use them together.

** Lessons 9 – 10. Beng Chuan – The Crushing fist

You learn the fighting method of Beng Chuan

  ** Lessons 11 – 16. Pao Chuan – The Pounding Fist

You learn another aggressive, overwhelming, powerful and continuous fighting method.

You also learn some important strategic principles you can apply to all of your Xing Yi.

  ** Lessons 17 – 20. Heng Chuan – The Crossing Fist

You learn how to fight with the Crossing Fist.

  ** Lesson 21. Run Over Your Opponent

You learn to use the primary strategy of Xing Yi.

  ** Lessons 22 – 26 Responding to Grabs 

You learn how to destroy a grappling, tackling, takedown type attack with each of the 5 Fists.

  ** Lesson 27. Fortify the Center

You learn how to ‘Fortify the Center.’

This principle is one of the key distinctions between Xing Yi and the other internal arts (Tai Chi & Bagua.)

We will build on the understanding you develop here and add a lot more power and skill with it in the full Xing Yi program.

  ** Lesson 28. The Thorny King

You will learn how to make every contact painful to the opponent.

This principle is important in many Kuntao & Silat systems. Xing Yi in particular uses it very well and very often.

  ** Lesson 29. Spring Power

You learn another way to generate power. You’ll want to drill this to the point where you can combine it with all the power generation methods you’ve learned so far.

  ** Lesson 30. Kun Tao Sticky Hands

You learn a two person freestyle game. It uses the principles you learned to build your skill & power.

Whew, that’s a lot for an introduction.

If you practice all that you’ll build a lot of power and you’ll be able to fight with all 5 Fists.

Sure, it’ll be a little rough at first but you can use it AND you’ll have a solid foundation on which to refine your skill and build advanced ones.

You’ll also learn this Qigong stuff too:

7 Qigong Lessons

  ** Lesson 10. Three Dan Tiens Linear

You learn this important internal alignment exercise. For now this is just an energy building & activation exercise. Eventually this has martial uses as well (Xing Yi for example uses this a lot.)

  ** Lesson 11. Balance and Correct the Meridians

You will learn how to put away and store the energy you build from your qigong practice. You will also learn to balance the meridians.

  ** Lesson 12. Foot Breathing

You learn to breath down to the bottoms of your feet. This is very healthy and it’s also a prerequisite for more advanced breathing methods.

  ** Lesson 13. Bone Marrow Washing & Breathing

You will learn a very powerful energy building, bone strengthening, rejuvenation method.

  ** Lesson 14. Building Physical Constitution & Chi

  ** Lesson 15. Squats & Wall Squats for Kidney Breathing

The exercises you learn here is very good for your kidneys.

  ** Lesson 16. Packing & Storing Chi

You will learn more about storing Chi and you begin learning about ‘packing’ chi.

So, when you’re ready to start learning all that stuff head on over here:


Here’s the short outline of the entire 16 week program:

Weeks 1 – 4: Kuntao Silat & Qigong part 1 (I outlined this section a few days ago.)
Weeks 5 – 8: Xing Yi Quan & Qigong part 2 (Includes everything I outlined in this email)
Weeks 9 – 12: Bagua Zhang
Weeks 13 – 16: Tai Chi Chuan

I’ll talk about the Bagua and Tai Chi sections soon.