5 Ways You Should Be Training…

How Often Should I Train?

is a very common question.

You’ll have to find the answer that best fits you.

Your goals, Your body & your schedule.

Here’s a few guidelines to follow:

1) 24/7

Use as much of your training as possible ALL the time. Stand with perfect structure, constantly identify and remove tension from your body & mind, Breath correctly & fully etc…

2) Daily practice.

You should have something you do every day. It may only be 5 -10 min. It could be an hour or more.

Whether it’s a little Chi Kung or practicing your latest skill. Make sure you have something (usually something you can practice by yourself) that you do no matter what every day.

I’m terrible at this one. I usually manage to do something every day, but what I do each day varies quite a lot. I could probably gain a lot from working the same thing consistently for several weeks at a time.

3) Frequent dedicated practice times

Right now I train Xing Yi for two and half hours three times per week. Personally I’d prefer less time more frequently. But 3 days a week is the most often that me and Sigung Clear’s other Xing Yi students can get our schedules to line up.

Ideally you want 45min to an hour or more.

Enough time to fully get into the swing of things but short enough that you can work it into your schedule (and those of your training partners) as often as possible.

4) Teaching

If you’re an instructor then you also get to practice every time you teach class. It may not always be exactly what you would like to focus on but you should always approach it as an opportunity to refine your skill and brush up on whatever your students are working on.

Here in Maryville we have a number of different classes throughout the week and I find I get to fix errors and refin things while working with beginners. I also usually learn something new even from classes I’ve seen several dozen times already.

5) Learning

It’s important to schedule time for learning new things.

What format this takes and how often can vary greatly but you MUST plan for it or your training will stagnate and your skill will plateau.

This could be a weekly class (I usually get anywhere from 30 min to an hour or so with Sigung Clear to work on what ever my next thing is each week.)

This could also be seminars, workshops, DVDs or whatever.

Ideally our long distance students will spend an hour or so a couple times per week to get out one of our DVDs and review a couple chapters or study a new chapter or three.

And then also schedule time to get with us live a couple times per year.

(like at the Xing Yi workshop on July 20, 21 & 22 – only 2 days left to register)


All 5 of those may seem like a lot and the more you can do the better.

But remember, something is better than nothing.

Focus on what you CAN find time for not on what you can’t do.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

P.S. We also have a seminar with Uncle Bill (Ba Pak Willem DeThouars) on August 11 & 12. Email me for details.