Bamboo Art.

Bend like a piece of bamboo.

You give way only a little while at the same time loading a powerful spring that adds a lot of power.

Relaxation is required,

…but the body is not soft.

To someone striking you it feels hard like a piece of bamboo.

Be careful.

It’s very easy to injure your partner while training this method.

We had to spend one extra day filming (last friday) to finish up the Xing Yi program. The Bamboo Art is just one of the internal principles we got to work on in depth.

Now that filming is done I’ve started going through all the footage to get everything ready for you.

The course will start in October or November.

I’ll have more details for you next month.

Until then the Internal Iron Body video will give you a head start on your internal development.

It’s more on the Qigong / Neigong side of things. It doesn’t emphasis the combative aspects like our Xing Yi program does.

(The Xing Yi course is all fighting all the time)

However the energy and body state you build will enhance everything we’re doing the in Xing Yi program.

And it’ll put you a step ahead of the folks who haven’t trained it.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling


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