Bass Ackwards Xing Yi… Learn FASTER by doing the OPPOSITE of what most teachers teach.

(because what most Xing Yi teachers teach is bass ackwards)

If you follow the guidelines in this post you’ll greatly speed up your development as an INTERNAL Martial Artist.

Of course, if you use our programs what I’m about suggest will be easy.

…But even if you train elsewhere you can focus on this method and greatly speed up your development.

(I’m going to talk about Xing Yi but this applies to all the internal arts.)


Most teachers start with the form.

You learn how to stand in San Ti.

You start learning each of the 5 Element forms.

The teacher spends months (or years) going into maddening detail on every aspect of the postures.

Even if they did start showing you the function…

..You are so caught up in all those little nuances you’ll never be able to use it.

That’s a terrible way to learn how to fight. 

This is why many folks who have been doing the art for 2, 5 even 10 years can’t fight.

 Xing Yi is a military art.

That means it has to be quick to learn, powerful and brutal.

If you have less than 5 years in Xing Yi…

…You should AT LEAST be able to hold your own against a MMA fight or Thai Boxer who has an equal amount of time in their art. (assuming you train as hard as they do.)

The Secret…
  …The Key…
      …The Indoor approach…
 …The Kun Tao Way… is…

Function comes first. 

If you can’t USE IT to survive, it doesn’t matter how pretty your form is.

If you learn the fighting methods of Xing Yi and you learn the Internal Principles that power them…

…Your form will be correct.

(Though maybe a little rough, but you can always refine it later.)

If the function is correct the form will follow.

So, ANYTIME you are learning form…

 …Start by analyzing its function.

If you don’t understand the function, you have no way of knowing if your form is correct.

 (and you won’t be able to use it)

If the form you are working on doesn’t match it’s function PERFECTLY…

 …then one of two things is happening:

  • – Your form is wrong. 
  • – Or your understanding of its function is wrong (or incomplete.) 

In our 16 week Internal Combat Arts program:

…We DON’T teach you 5 element forms…

We teach you how to FIGHT with each of the 5 elements and by learning how to fight you learn the form.

And you can use it right away!

Our Xing Yi program (coming soon) is the same.

All the internal power and alignments and skills of Xing Yi…

(the ones people spend years trying to develop through standing postures and formwork)

…You develop those by learning how to FIGHT.

You can start learning this Function First method right now, right here: