Do you teach the health part of Xing Yi in your Xing Yi program?


Our Xing Yi program is about how to fight.

You will develop the internal power and fighting methods of Xing Yi.

It will make you stronger, more powerful and your body will become more connected, and this does have some health benefit, But it’s a byproduct of the martial training.

It’s not something that’s taught in the course.

I have a shoulder that’s plagued me for some time.

Tai Chi helped a little.

So did Qigong and our Fa Kung Healing methods, but nothing could get rid of it.

(To much bad posture while working in front of the computer and no sleep keeps aggravating the problem.)

…But the Xing Yi seems to be just what it needed.

As long as I practice consistently I have no problems with it.

When we filmed most of the Xing Yi program in one weekend, I expected the long days and little sleep to aggravate the problem but instead it went away completely.

(Until I spent a couple weeks doing very little training while not sleeping and sitting hunched over in front of the computer for long hours every day.)

Still, DONT join our Xing Yi program if you are looking for the health side.

That’s not what its about.

Our Internal Combat Arts course on the other hand…

…is mostly martial. It has some of that fight first Xing Yi training (as well as some Kuntao Silat, Bagua and Tai Chi)

But it will also teach you the fundamentals of a strong Qigong practice that you’ll get a lot of great health benefits from. (in addition to enhancing the power of your martial training.)

I’m going to get away from this computer and go do some Xing Yi now…