How fast can you master Xing Yi Quan?

It’s said that “Xing Yi kills in one year.”

 …but how long does it take to master the art?

 Not just learn how to fight effectively.

 Well, Li Nang-jan started learning Xing Yi Quan when he was 37. 

 The story goes that he spend the first two and half years learning nothing but Pi Chuan (The first move in Xing Yi) and a small piece of the linking form.

 Now at this point a bunch of Xing Yi traditionalists are going to jump up and say:

“Yes, that’s the real Xing Yi training.”
“Spend a year standing in San Ti. Then another year and half doing nothing but Pi Chun. That’s how you know it’s the real stuff” 

Well that’s a bunch of BS.

It’s ONLY purpose is to waste your time. 

Ok, back to the story…

Li’s almost 40 years old now and his teacher, Tai Lung-pang, has been holding out on him. Only teaching him a little choreography, nothing of substance.

So what does he do?

He goes to a birthday party for Tai’s mother and makes such an impression that she scolds her son for not teaching him properly.

After that Li Neng-jan starts learning the whole art from Tai Lung-pang.

By the time Li was forty-seven he had mastered the art.

 …and was never defeated (or so the story goes.)

Li went on to train legendary masters such as Kuo Yun-shen and many others including Liu Ch’i-lan, Pai Hsi-Yuan, Li T’ai-ho, Ch’e I-chai, Chang Shu-te, and Sung Shih-jung.

This tells us several things: 

  1. If you’re 40 you can master the art before you turn 50. 
  2. Anyone who has more than 10 years of Xing Yi training is either: 
    • A) A Master of the System. 
    • B) The Xing Yi they have learned is not the most effective way to learn the system. 

B is unfortunately all too common.

and if you or your teacher fall into the B category…

That’s OK 

…as long as you are aware of that fact and working to find better information and more efficient training methods.

Xing Yi is deep and profound. 

You can keep learning and improving your skill with it for a lifetime.

But that is no excuse for putting up with time wasting exercises, info or teachers.

Our Xing Yi program in the fall won’t make you a master of every nuance of Xing Yi.

That’s not it’s purpose.

  •  – You WON’T spend time learning a lot of forms. 
  •  – You WON’T spend time learn a lot of traditional Chinese 5 element theory. 
  •  – You WON’T spend a lot of time standing around in various postures. 

What you WILL do is learn how to fight with Xing Yi. 

You’ll get straight to the heart of the art. No-nonsense, powerful and efficient.

That saying…

 …Xing Yi Kills in One Year…

That’s what our program is about.

 You’ll learn why and how.

 I’ll have the Xing Yi program ready for you around the end of October.

(and a bunch more info about it later this month)

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