Lie to your students… while telling the truth… and look good doing it.


This is a classic way to lie to your students…

…While telling them the truth…

…and look good doing it.

The Tai Chi (or Kung fu or whatever) master shows you lots of cool stuff. By the end of the session your head is overflowing with new ideas and skills.

By the next day everything is a blur and you can only remember bits and pieces.

This happens at seminars too.

Especially ones with several different presenters.

Overload won’t work on you if you know how to fight it.

In fact if you know how to recognize it and you are prepared you can learn quite a lot.

The best way to fight it is with a notebook.

Write down everything you learned.

If you can’t take notes during the lesson, do so immediately afterwards.

Sit down and write out a quick list of everything you where shown. Than go back through the list and fill in more detail. If writing is too slow use a voice recorder or whatever works best for you.

Now you can go back through your notes over the next few days.

Practice what you were shown and start putting pieces together.

If you see me in a workshop at the Tai Chi Gala you can bet I’ll have a notebook in my hand.

I’ll even be taking notes at our Xing Yi workshop in July.

That workshop is packed with so much great stuff there’s a risk of information overload.

Don’t get me wrong.

You’ll get some major benefits from doing that much Xing Yi in such a short period of time.

Not to mention the benefit of being able to feel first hand what Sigung Clear is showing.

Plus the benefit of receiving direct feedback and corrections from Sigung Clear.

I’m just saying you should remember to bring a notebook.

Your notes don’t have to be perfect.

We will film the entire program and make it available later. (and as a workshop attendee you’ll get first crack at it in the fall.)

But you should pay particular attention to the corrections and feedback you get from Sigung Clear.

Put a little extra detail into those sections of your notes.

If you haven’t registered yet you should hurry.

As soon as you register I’ll send you 4 video clips
on some of the training you need to prepare for the weekend.

Deadline is July 12th.

However, the sooner you start preparing the better.

Take Care,
Ben Sterling

p.s. There are some good ways to use overload. Ways that will help your students develop faster.

I hinted at it above but I’ll talk about it in more depth later.