Tastes Bitter But It’s Fun (6 weeks left)

Just a little reminder today.

Our Hsing-I Chuan workshop is only 6 weeks away.

Make sure you’re working on the prep materials and ask me any questions you have so we can have everybody on the same page when you get here.

If you haven’t signed up yet the deadline is drawing closer.

Get your travel planes made and let us know you’re coming so we can give you the material to work on before the workshop.

If you’re into Hsing-I (Xing Yi) or you just want more power. This is the workshop to be at.

It’s an intensive immersion experience that will build a lot of power and make sure you can move with it.

Our goal is to cover the entire curriculum during this weekend so you have a complete package to take home with you and train.

Me and a few of the other Hsing-I students started getting together in the mornings for a few hours to train and get ready for this event. I’m sore and tired but I’m already seeing faster improvements.

Tastes bitter but it’s fun!

I recomend you up your training in the coming weeks and make sure to get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to this workshop.

Here’s the link if you still need details on the workshop:


Take Care,
Ben Sterling

P.S. We are considering offering a morning Hsing-I warm up/ workout each day of the workshop.

Let me if you are interested (those who are attending.)