‘The Power Source of Xing Yi’

That was the title of a seminar I went to a little while ago.

It sounded good. I thought I might learn something about how to add more power to my Xing Yi or at least how to use some of what I already knew more effectively.

It was only a 2hr seminar so I didn’t expect a lot. but worst case I’d get to do Xing Yi for 2 hrs.

Or so I thought.

Instead we played follow the leader for 2 hrs as the teacher did his version of the 5 fists.

Not a word about power.

No explanation on why he likes that particular flavor of the 5 fists.

Just a bunch of choreography packed into a short period of time so even if that’s all you wanted you wouldn’t be able to learn it.

This kind of thing is all too common. It’s a big part of why the Internal Martial arts have little or no respect among the greater martial arts population.

Our Xing Yi workshop in July will be different.

Instead of 2hrs you’ll get 3 full days. We’ll start around 10am. Break for lunch in the afternoon and then keep going until at least 7pm. Probably later on some days. (I recommend you bring some snacks.)

You’ll learn many different flavors of the 5 fists (include animals) and WHY they are important. You’ll learn how they add power or change how a fist is used.



Don’t get me wrong you will learn the 5 fists but you WON’T be trying to follow along and memorize choreography.

Instead you’ll learn how to USE Xing Yi. You’ll learn the method behind the madness.

You’ll learn the different ways that Xing Yi generates the internal power it’s famous for and you’ll learn how to use them.

Oh, and instead of standing for hours each day, we’ll show you ‘inner door’ methods for building the internal alignments, energy and power of Xing Yi that are much faster than standing practice.

They’re not shortcuts because they still ‘taste bitter.’ you still have to do the hard work it takes to build internal kung fu but you get a lot more reward for the effort you put in.

Come play Xing Yi with us in July:


The workshop in July 2012 was excellent and our Xing Yi program is now available online here: http://www.clearsilat.com/xing-yi