WARNING: Quick high QUALITY skill is dangerous!

So, if you go around saying you can provide Quality skill Quickly…

(like when we point out that Xing Yi’s ORIGINAL DESIGN is to build effective, powerful & internal skill FAST.)

…then you’d better deliver… Quickly.

If you don’t,

then you loose all your students (and they tell all their friends.)

Much easier to say 4, 6 or 10 years is just scratching the surface.

(in a way it is… with Tai Chi or Bagua, but you should certainly be well past the beginner stage, have power and be able to fight by then.)

Now, if you CAN (and DO) deliver…

…and you start to become NOISY about it…

…then you are dangerous.

Because folks start to notice, and they begin to wonder about teachers who say it takes a long time.

Sigung Clear has been QUIETLY teaching Xing Yi for almost 2 decades.

…but now we’re getting noisy.

For two reasons:
  1. Folks keep asking us about Xing Yi and Bagua.
  2. We’d like to see a major improvement in the quality of internal martial arts training that’s publicly available. (within the next decade!)

So, now you know our ‘sinister’ plot.

You know the how (lead by example)
…and the why (because.)

But we can’t do it without your help.

All we need you to do is become a living example of what these arts can accomplish.

Learn and practice. Learn and practice. etc…

or to put it another way,

“Everybody get DANGEROUS!  (Boo yah!)” – weezer 

If you want to “get dangerous” with Xing Yi then you’re in luck. Our Xing Yi program is about the get underway.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Clear’s Kuntao Xing Yi Quan is a 6 Month Intensive Online Training Program.

It’s designed to take a small group of dedicated folks like yourself and help you build powerful effective Xing Yi skill as efficiently as we know how.

It contains 21 Chapters of yummy Xing Yi fighting goodness.
 – You’ll be able to watch them online with a PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android.

You will also get all 21 Chapters on DVD (8 discs.)
 – So you can watch it on your TV or share discs with your training partners. (we don’t recommend giving out your online login or password.)

This is a lifetime membership.
  – That means you only pay for it once. There’s NO subscription. NO recurring fees.
  – Next year when we run this program again you will already be a member.
  – Even if we raise the price for new members, you’re already in, no additional cost.

You get discounts on our annual Xing Yi workshop.
  – Including members only access to live training sessions in advanced Xing Yi material.


Enrollment will begin in a couple few weeks. If you miss the dates, or the program fills up before you get around to registering, then you’ll have to wait until next year.

Folks who are part of the 16 week Internal Combat Arts course will get first dibs, with access to early enrollment.