Why is Xing Yi so deadly?

“Xing Yi Kills in One Year. Bagua is 10 years indoors.”

That’s the old saying anyway.

Now, we’re not trying to pick on Bagua (we like that art quite a lot too)

The point is folks who study Xing Yi learn to fight very effectively and very powerfully…

..And they learn this very quickly…

…Or at least they’re supposed to.

Unfortunately that’s not usually the case. In today’s world it’s tough to find Xing Yi at all much less find someone who will really teach you how to use it.


..Without lots of forms and standing practice.

We’d like to see that change.

We’d like more people to have access to quality Xing Yi training.

So, Sigung Clear has designed this program to help us achieve these goals.

Why is Xing Yi so deadly?

That is the question this program will answer.

This program is fast, powerful and efficient.

We are not going to waste any time on forms or the other public trappings of the art that you can get on dvd from amazon for $10. (or find for free on youtube.)

This program contains just the good stuff.

Only 5 moves… (the 5 ‘elements’ of xing yi)

…and how you really use them…

..With all the power, explosiveness and effectiveness that Xing Yi is famous for.

Our goal is to train folks who want to teach. Folks who will become instructors in the art and who will go out and teach it to others.

With your help, we can make sure this art grows and flourishes in the coming years.

On July 20, 21 & 22 we are holding a workshop where we will film this program.

And we just added an option where you can pre-order the dvds at an extreme discount when you register for the workshop:


So not only will you be able to train live with Sigung Clear, you will be able to take that training home with you and review it over and over.

Workshop is in 6 weeks…

Deadline for registration is in 5 weeks…

I hope to see you soon,
Ben Sterling