Xing Yi Q&A

We’ve been asked several questions about our Xing Yi program.

Why Xing Yi?

Because it’s efficient, explosive, effective, powerful.

Because it builds internal power quickly and is quick to learn.

Why Now?

Because it’s time…

Sigung Clear began learning Xing Yi (and I Chuan) in the early 80’s. Since then he has pursued it in depth because of its street effectiveness and internal power.

He began teaching it in the mid 90’s.

But, until now, it was embedded in the Kun Tao Silat program as the last step before earning a Black Sash (phase 4.)

Over the last couple years, more and more people have been asking about our Xing Yi training.

So he felt it was time to put together a straight Xing Yi program for Xing Yi players and enthusiasts who want to get to the essence of the system and build skill as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is Kun Tao Xing Yi?

Kun Tao are Kung Fu systems that have been refined & streamlined by their exposure to the fighting systems of South East Asia.

So Kun Tao Xing Yi is a Xing Yi system that has been streamlined to build skill as efficiently as possible.

Sigung Clear has studied Xing Yi with Kun Tao Silat masters from the islands as well as traditional Xing Yi masters in mainland China.

He has put together a curriculum that will take beginners and bring them up to fighting speed with Xing Yi (if they’re willing to do the work.)

…And it will take experienced Xing Yi players and help them understand the purpose behind the form. It will give them the tools to build the skill they’ve seen from other Xing Yi Masters.

Clear’s Xing Yi will be accepting new students in the fall.