6 Keys to using Zero Pressure

There are several keys to effectively using Zero Pressure in a real fighting situation.

As I stated in my previous post Zero Pressure is about controlling the opponent and can be used to escort out an unruly patron or the drunk relative who always wants to fight at the family get together. You don’t really want to hurt them but you can not let them hurt anyone else either. When using Zero Pressure if you need to hurt the person then you walk / run them into the wall and let the sudden impact with a much larger object stop them. In a multiple attacker situation when and as appropriate you run them into their friends who are trying to attack you. The idea is to get them to hit and beat up each other while you remain mostly untouched.

The keys to effectively use Zero Pressure are:

  1. Keep your body close to theirs so that if they try to quickly speed up and run away to get out of Zero Pressure then you have time to compensate and stay with them in the Zero Pressure position.
  2. Keep your arms in a position so that when they turn to the sides to spin around on you that you are able to use your forearms to cut off their turn and position while you adjust to the new Zero Pressure position. You want to feel what they are doing or trying to do with as much of your forearms as possible so that you can respond to their actions before they have time to actually get half way to completing them.
  3. Keep your head down a bit so that they can not intentionally or accidentally head butt you in the face.
  4. Run your knee into the back and side of their leg continuously so that it keeps them off balance and less able to run away or turn around on you.
  5. If they try to lean on you so that you can not gain a horizontal Zero Pressure position then Zero is from the top down and you need to push them straight down into the floor in the direction they are leaning. At first if they are leaning like this you will feel their body weight is overwhelming you with resistance in all of the 270 degrees that you have been working with and Zero Pressure is gone on the horizontal plane you are working with because they are putting everything into moving towards you. They are actually moving towards the floor but it may take some practice to fully understand this and use it to your advantage.
  6. Practice getting into Zero Pressure immediately after entering so that once you have navigated their strike you are automatically in Zero Pressure and using it fully and correctly.