Internal Combat Arts Package

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  1. Robert Blanco says

    Is there a link to get xing yi with discount?

  2. Dan Sherwood says

    After I purchase this course, can I Download the videos for use when I do Not have an Internet Connection?
    I am interested in your video courses, but I do not Always have an internet connection.
    Thanks, Dan

  3. Harold Golden says

    Are the DVDs on amazon the same are the Internal course I am on now.

  4. Harold Golden says

    I am trying to flatten my back in Wu chi and it does not seem possible without a lot of tension.

    • Ben Sterling says

      This is very common. Over time your back grows into the shape you normally hold. Changing this will take time and you shouldn’t try to force it to happen all at once.

      Pay attention to it throughout your day and always work on making sure it’s a little more correct than it was yesterday. Overtime your body will become accustomed to good structure and this will become comfortable, natural and easy.

  5. Jay Cooper says

    why do we have to wait so long for next weeks lesson? it took me 15 mins to master last weeks lessons. good yet short.

    • Ben Sterling says

      We find people retain more when they take the time to work each piece before moving on to the next one. Also, the lessons in this course all build on top of each other. These first few weeks will be fairly easy but if you skim over them too quickly you won’t get nearly as much out of the later lessons.

  6. Jay Cooper says

    i ll be chopping trees down with my bare hands in no time !