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Tai Chi training directory

Level 1 Curriculum

The rest of the new level 1 video will be posted over the next 2 weeks.

Testing for Level 1 – (info a example videos coming soon)

Click here to study the old level 1 curriculum.

Level 2


These lessons are not required for the level 2 test but are highly recommended and will help with your level 2 studies.

The 48 Move Set

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4


  1. Ned Baldwin says:

    Is their anything about Peng in the Clears Tai Chi

    • Ben Sterling says:

      Yes, quite a bit.

      The first thing you need for good Peng is Sung with Structure. If you Sung well enough Peng will be generated out of that. (if you keep excellent structure.)

      The training you need begins with the first lessons on Wu Chi.

      Here in Lesson 16 of the Basic Skills Sigung Clear introduces the term Peng and the rest of the 13 basic jings.

      Training for these is spread throughout the curriculum.

      We also have bonus footage from workshops specifically on Peng, Lu, Ji & An that will be coming sometime in the next couple months

      • Ned Baldwin says:

        Thank You I was practicing push hands with a Tai Chi Master who teaches at his house and he was tossing me across his garage like I was nothing he explained that Peng is what he used to do this it was something else last time I met someone who could do this was Sigung Clear I don’t get to meet to many real martial artists most of the martial arts schools here are a joke. Anyway Thank You I wish more people here would like to practice real Tai Chi instead its turn on the music and dance.

  2. mark borsuk says:

    Is Golden Bell and/or Iron Palm included in these courses?

    • Ben Sterling says:

      Yes the training for those skills is in Levels 1 & 2.

      However, the specific training from the Internal Iron Palm and Body DVDs is not.

      Basically the things that build Tai Chi Iron Palm and Iron Body are a combination of your core Tai Chi skills. It begins with the alignment, sung, marrow washing & Chi Kung training in Level 1, and continues with level 2.

      Here’s some specific training in Level 2 Volume 5 on using the 3 Powers to enhance the Iron Palm and Body you’ve been building up to this point.

  3. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    (Clears’s Tai Chi)
    I try to access the links available for curriculum level 1, but on the page nothing pops up, are these videos or files? and are they yet to be released?

    Also Mr. Clear,
    I have been training (wing chun/tai chi) internal system for about 8 months, I asked permission from my sifu David Wong is it alright that I read and studied information offered from your fellow colleges. He said it was fine, and i shared with him a description of what i witnessed while watching the first 50 min webinar about fa ji. My sifu told me that “he” has the ability “healing hands” . i know it is early in my training, but can you brief description what it is “healing hands” is?

    • Ben Sterling says:

      Try accessing the lessons now. We’ve been having some technical difficulties that are messing with peoples access to the lessons. We’re working on a permanent solution but in the meantime you should now be able to access the lessons. Let me know if it gives you any more trouble.

      There are a bunch of different types of healing methods that could be described as a ‘healing hands’ ability. Sigung Clear practices and teaches several. Our primary method is taught in workshops we hold twice per year: It’s appropriate for all skill levels. Even complete beginners can develop a lot of skill at this workshop.

      You can find more info and links to articles about this here: