Xing Yi Intensive

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  1. Hi Sigung,
    For the time being, I don’t have a partner, and, given my schedule, I might only be able to work with a partner once or twice a week. Any recommendations to get the most out of solo work?

    • Depends on what you’re working on.

      A heavy bag can be very useful. (Chapter 3 will show you some ways to use a heavy bag.)

      Practice in the air, shadow boxing, pay close attention to the alignments, expression or energies you are working on.

  2. It just says, “Sorry”, then underneath it says, “There was an issue with playback.”
    There is no error code or number.

    • It looks like that’s an intermittent error with Vimeo. (our video streaming host)

      The following have help folks with the same issue:

      If none of those help let me know and we’ll figure something out.

  3. Q. What is the difference between Shanxi and Hebei Xing Yi…and what do we practice?

    A. It is commonly thought that Shanxi is more externally hard and internally soft and that Hebei is more externally soft and internally hard. However, when its time to fight there will be little difference between the two styles. The blows will be sharp, quick and devastating.

    Ideally there is a good mix of both hard and soft & internal and external. Clear’s Xing Yi has elements of both practices and is mostly Kun Tao Xing Yi as taught by two of Sigung Clear’s teachers although he has studied Shanxi Xing Yi in Beijing and Hebei Xing Yi in Tianjin China.

  4. Q. What are the standard weapons for what we do?

    A. In keeping with the practical traditions of KunTao we don’t do many of the traditional weapons.

    The primary weapons we’ll cover in Advanced Hsing-I Module 8 are:
    1. Spear / Staff (broom / mop / walking stick)
    2. Short Stick (baseball bat / pipe / machete)
    3. Knife
    4. Improvised Weapons

  5. Mark Baumgärtner says

    Just wanted to say how glad I am about this material. The internal Push Hands and the material from this course have in just a few weeks improved my martial skill tremendously.
    And given my work schedule and the scarcity of training partners I’m studying everything but “intensive”. Still, I start developing some jins in Tai Chi which I’ve been working on for years without achieving them and always being only told that I just have to train more years.

  6. Wolfgang Thiel says

    Hello Ben,
    I wanted to thank you, Sigung Clear and all your local students for the wonderful training opportunity at the I Chuan seminar. The information was fantastic, the hands on “testing” was invaluable, and the cameraderie of the group definitely enhanced the training received.