Prologue Lesson 1: Pi Chopping Splitting

Xing Yi can be different things to different people but first and foremost it is an aggressive and highly effective fighting art.

So before we get into the main part of the program we’ll take a look at the basic self defense application of each element in it’s simplest form.

As you progress through this course we will add a lot of internal skills & principles. You’ll learn fighting strategies and some of the movement will become more sophisticated. As you build these skills, always keep in mind the basic applications covered in this section.

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This lesson is part of the Clear’s Xing Yi Intensive.

Clear’s Xing Yi is an intensive training program designed for hard-working students who want to learn Hsing-I efficiently & effectively. It’s also a great program for experienced Hsing-I and Internal Martial Artists who wish to deepen their understand of this powerful fighting art.

Our goal is to train folks who want to teach. Folks who will become high quality instructors in Hsing-I Chuan and who will go out and teach it to others.

With your help, we can make sure this art grows and flourishes in the coming years.