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  1. Jose I Irizarry says

    I;m trying to purchase the Internal Combat Arts Course but it is not letting me. First it asked me to log in to my account, then it asked me to open a new account. Do I have to open another account to purchase the course?

    • Make sure you are logged in and go to your ‘My Account’ Page.

      From there click on the “Internal Combat Arts” link on the right hand Member Areas menu.

      On that page you’ll be able to click on a ‘sign up now’ button. Because you are logged in your account info should already be filled in on the checkout page and it will add the Internal Combat Arts Package to your existing account once you complete checkout.

      If you go to the checkout page when you are not logged in it will ask you to enter your account info and then it will give you a ‘duplicate account’ error because it’s trying to set up a new account with your existing account info.

      • Dan Martin says

        Hi Ben

        I’m having the same trouble, I’m going round in circles and getting nowhere. There is no ‘Internal Combat Arts’ link on this (account) page?
        Am I missing something ever so simple?

        Kind regards

        • Ben Sterling says

          The Member Areas menu will appear at the bottom of the page on some mobile devices and in narrow browser windows.

  2. .George E Sibthorp says

    Hi Ben,
    When Richard brakes the Pine board with the Iron Palm is the
    board 1″ or 1/2″ thick? Thanks, G

  3. Isaac Ploch says

    Where do I go to access the Intro to Internal Power course. I’ve looked all over for it. Please advise.


  4. Chadd Walker says

    I Just Signed Up For The Practical Guide To Internal Power And I Can Only Access The Week One Section But Noticed On The Comments At The Bottom Of The Page That Some People Are On Week 4 And So Forth? Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    • Ben Sterling says

      Not, at all. New lessons will appear on that page each week as you progress through the course.

  5. Christopher Black says

    Hi there. I was wanting to know if you conducted an online correspondence course in Ba Gua Zhang? I have been reading into this art for some time now and feel that of all the internal arts I have examined so far it is the one that best reflects the direction (physically and philosophically) I would like my practice to take.

  6. Jed Michael says

    My reply button disappeared, but u wanted to address the gentleman with the amputated foot: I have over 9 academic years of masters level training in traditional Chinese medicine, and have practiced and taught various aspects of internal healing and martial arts for nearly 20 years… And I just want to say that the answer ‘qi moves through the whole universe, so no big deal.’

    Is exactly correct. Yes there are some ramifications, but they are the obvious ones: you will have to move differently than you used to and that will put different stresses on your body, but hey! We adapt. For a simple and researchable example, horse acupuncture makes use of the gallbladder channel with great success, but horses do not have that organ. Energetic anatomy (if I may be so bold as to discuss it) does not explicitly rely on the body. Many of these practices are aimed simply at harmonizing the felt sense (the subtle body) with the anatomy.
    The caliber of instruction on this site, the explicit lack of bullshit, and the straightforward discussion of principles that matter are of the highest order. I commend Sigung Clear and his staff for providing a real and true service to the public.

  7. Mark Baumgärtner says

    I must admit I am impressed with the material in the Internal Combat Arts course – I’m into Martial Arts for more than 12 years, and nowhere here in Germany is this kind of quality information available. And I am saying this as a certified instructor in Tai Chi! Feels like I am starting all over again.

    At the moment I have the following issue: I tried to sign up in the Tai Chi online program, but Paypal keeps saying that the request can’t be processed – and the people at Paypal so far insist that it is not their fault. Is their an issue with the website?



    • Ben Sterling says

      Thank you very much. I’m glad you’re enjoying the lessons.

      For the Tai Chi online there appears to be an issue with Paypal accepting recurring payments in Germany. At some point we will move Clear’s Tai Chi Online over here so that all our online courses can be accessed from the same place. However that’s a large undertaking that won’t happen for a while.

  8. Eriach Webb says

    Hello , I have found most of Clear’s info
    and teaching stright forward and easy enough for beginner to learn and presented in away even people with experiance can get somthing from it !
    My real ? Is what is the schedule like for the online Internal Combat Arts …. I believe I have the ideas down in first several lessons , would like to know when new meterial will apear …Plz
    Thank You TheHermit

  9. mark borsuk says

    I’ve read this course provides a discount for those who wish to do xingi, does it provide a discount for any others such as the Kuntao Dragon or Silat?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Ignatius Cristian says

    thanks for all the great lesson in Clearsilat.
    I already join for 14days trial lesson online, but why i can’t access for Freestyle Fighting the Tai Chi Way and Clear’ Xing Yi ??
    How to unsubcribe after i join the trial lesson online?

    • Ben Sterling says

      The Clear’s Xing Yi and Freestyle Fighting the Tai Chi way are separate programs.

      To unsubscribe: You should see a cancel link on the my account page. (depending on your payment method.) If you paid with paypal you will also cancel from withing you paypal account.

      And of course you can simply email me ( or Roland ( and we can cancel it manually. Make sure to allow 48 hrs for the cancellation to go through.

  11. Paul Belschner says

    Hello, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.
    I am a 60 year old man who has NEVER been in any kind of physical shape other than poor. I have always been good at avoiding confrontations and hope to continue in that mode of life. However, with all the recent attacks that , especially on Christians, I would like to be able to protect myself and my family (if it ever came down to it). I like what I’ve seen and read so far about Tai Chi and your site. What would be the very best way to get started and how much time is recommended to commit to the process of learning Tai Chi?