Lesson 13: Bone Marrow Washing & Breathing

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  1. What are the negative effects on the body from doing the bone marrow washing incorrectly or with to much tension? Thanks.

    • It can make someone jittery and have trouble sleeping. As long as you’re taking the time to really relax you’ll have no trouble. Only if you try to rush or force it would their be a problem.

      • Daniel Early says

        I have a question. I am doing the bone marrow breathing and have no problem with breathing in through the lao gong however when I relax and let the wave go down my feet it takes longer than my out breath. So should I just lie there without breathing until the wave completes doing down or do I start another in breath while the wave is still going down? Sometimes I am starting the new inbreath while the wave is still going down or more correctly I am still visualizing the wave going down. So how should I handle this outbreath /wave before breathing in?

        • Relax and wait until after the larger portion of the wave has finished going down before breathing in again. There may be some small residual wave that continues for much longer after the major wave has gone down. Do not worry about breathing in before that is done.

  2. This is very similar to what I learned as pranayama in Yoga.

  3. I am reviewing my Bone Marrow Washing/Breathing practice in relation to the Iron Body in 100 Days program which I just purchased. Can I do the Bone Marrow exercise sitting relaxed in a chair? Or even standing?

    • Ben Sterling says

      Yes you can. We teach this to our Level 2 Tai Chi students.

      We don’t recommend it for beginners because to do it properly you really need to relax deeply and fully. Most people have trouble relaxing enough while sitting or standing to do this.

      However if you can get a deep enough relaxation, try it out.