Lesson 15: Squats & Wall Squats for Kidney Breathing

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  1. When doing my internal training in the morning should the Qigong practice be performed prior to my tai chi and bagua or after? Excellent classes. Thanks.

    • Yes, I would normally do this in the morning or right before my regular training.

      However, mix it up and see how a different time will effect you. The ‘best time’ to do Qigong will vary some from person to person.

  2. Harold Golden says

    How do I find the book you keep referring to? Great classes I like your system.

  3. Why is the breathing during the wall squats opposite of what is taught for weight
    training squats? We were always told to exhale when pushing weight by others.

    • Ben Sterling says

      Different methods will have different timing.

      Typically you want to breath in when you body is moving into a position that expands the chest, back and midsection. and exhale when moving into a position that compresses the chest, back or midsection.

      In our Tai Chi form beginners breath in on movements that rise or push outward and they breath in on movements that sink or pull inwards.

      Often people find it easier to gain power from breath on an exhale. However, with a little practice both are equally effective.

      Ultimately you want to be able to gain power from breath on the inhale or the exhale. At the beginning of a breath, at the end of a breath and even while transitioning from exhale to inhale or inhale to exhale.

      For more in depth instruction on getting power from breath, as well as other martial uses of breath, check out the Tai Chi DVD: Combat Breathing.