Lesson 2: Power

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  1. Daniel Early says

    Thank you for these excellent Tai Chi lessons. I have a question. Most of the time I do not have a partner to work with. However I do have access to a speed bag, double ended bag and heavy bag. I have been practicing the open hand strikes on the heavy bag and also the two handed pushing excercise on the heavy bag. Do you have any information on using the bags for training? What are you thoughts on using the heavy bag for fist as in Xing Yi and open handing training?

    • Yes, a heavy bag is a great way to check power.

      When doing pushing exercises, pay close attention to your own body and what you feel. Any where you feel pressure, effort or tension is somewhere you need to fix your alignments or relax more.

      We also recommend using a heavy bag that is roughly the height and weight of person. Or at least the heavies bag you can find.