Lesson 25: Responding to Grabs – Pounding

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  1. There is a lot of punching to the head here. Anyone who has had or seen a boxer’s fracture, even on trained guys, knows the danger of punching the head. I know you guys are big advocates of the open hand/palm strike–you have a whole video on it. Would it be better to work these Xingyi concepts with open hands or does that get too far away from where Xingyi lives and into Bagua or something else?

    • Ben Sterling says

      Xing Yi will use use many different configurations of the fist and open hand.

      When you punch in Xing Yi make sure your alignment is good and your condensing & fortifying stuff is all happening correctly so it’s no problem to your fists. Also Xing Yi will often hit like it’s trying to scrape pieces of flesh off the other person instead on hitting square into where they are solid.