Lesson 3: Do Not Exchange with the attackers

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  1. from this lesson silat don’t trade blows,slice and go!

  2. Robert Whiteside says


    Thank you for this.

    I very much like how the methodologies are traced back to their cultural origins (i.e., jungle, tribal, survival being the # 1 purpose of martial arts, etc.).

    Makes total sense not to trade blows. Life must continue.

    I look forward to much great training.


  3. Richard Tiangco says

    Treat your opponent as if he has a blade. Slice an artery and go.
    What if you don’t have a blade? Do you use the same tactic of Smack his forearm and go ?

    • The movement and strategy will be similar. Though the ‘slice and go’ strategy is intended more as an example of how Silat thinks and what it assumes the attackers are capable of.

      Though in the next lesson we’ll talk about the basics of how to do this empty- handed.

      And then it’s expanded on in much more depth in Phase 1 Vol 8: Upper Body Art

      …& in the Long Range Limb Destructions Class on Phase 1 Vol 11.


      • Richard Tiangco says

        Wow! Quick response. Thanks Ben, again more ‘kudos’ to you and this program!

    • Richard Tiangco says

      Oops! I suppose I should’ve held my question for awhile as this was answered (in depth) on the next lesson in a logical and practical setup.
      Richard, Ben and whomever else is involved in this online program, thanks! This stuff is gold. I enjoy the weekly progression.. nobody does that. I’ve partaken in a few online/DVD courses, which is probably the wave of the future (but that’s another story), and the way this course is setup is truly revolutionary.

  4. mark watan says

    Hi Ben, when the online silat program comes out will it be more in depth than the dvds?

    • Phase 1 of the online Silat program will use the same footage as the 16 Phase 1 DVDS. Those are much more in-depth than the Silat lessons in this course. This program is an introduction designed to you started with some basics and get you ready for whichever program you choose to continue with.

      Phase 2 and higher will only be available online (or live.)

      • Ronald Dany Kierczynski says

        Hello Ben,
        It is just a question out of curiosity I can already see the online silat tab in the menu.
        Do you have any idea when you are planning to launch the online versions of silat?
        Thanks and take care,

        • Ben Sterling says

          We don’t have a date yet. Most of Phase 2 has been filmed so if I had to guess I’d say sometime in 2015.