Lesson 3: Quiet The Mind

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  1. http://aceslife says

    When practicing holding the breath (lesson 3) do you hold the air in/out by closing your airway at your throat? If so, how do you hold the air in without feeling tension in your throat?

    • http://Ben says

      Bring the air in and let your throat close then I sung/soong relax everywhere including specifically the throat so that you’re relaxed (as much as possible) and not holding tension at the throat or anywhere else.

      This will take some practice.

  2. http://.George%20E%20Sibthorp says

    Hi Ben,
    Concerning Lesson 3:
    How many times do you do the holding the breath exercise?

    Do you start the inhale down in the Dan Tien and then fill the lungs?

    • http://Ben says

      Once is enough. Though 2-5 is fine too.

      For now breathe as deeply as you can without forcing the breath or adding tension.

      Ideally you breath with the entire body. We’ll get to that in Qigong Lesson 12 (week 5 of this course.)

  3. http://Jay%20Cooper says

    i can hold my breath hehe hee

    • http://Ben%20Sterling says

      Good! Can you feel the changes in your mental and physical states when you do this?