Lesson 30: Kun Tao Sticky Hands

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  1. Tahir Ibrahimov says

    First, I would like to stress that I am very pleased with the initial results that I obtained from this course. The thing is that I’ve been practicing tai chi for the recent six or so years. Basically, these were Yang style based forms, including 24 Beijing and 48 Combined Competition forms that I practiced with virtually no Chi Kung addition. Sigun Clear’s Internal Combat Arts course filled this gap brilliantly for me. With the Chi Kung stuff included in the course I’ve started feeling much stronger, robust and connected, which helped me a lot in improvement of my usual Tai Chi routines. I also see this course to be holding lots of other benefits when it comes to purely fighting side of things. Although I am training on my own and without a partner, I have, nevertheless, felt drastic improvement in my understanding of the essence of all the internal fighting arts included in this course so that I have no doubt in full applicability of all this stuff in real life situations. In addition to this particular course, I, being in my late fifties, have also a strong interest in two other Sigun Clear’s courses, Internal Iron Body and Internal Iron Palm in 100 days. Unfortunately, both of these courses are distributed and sold in DVD format. For this reason, I would like to ask you if either or both of these courses may be available purely in online format, the same way as the Internal Combat Arts course? I believe that this would be an excellent option for people residing outside the US, in places where the purchasing of DVD-based course might be a problem due to logistical problems potentially associated with this. With this in mind, I would be grateful to you if you tell me if the courses in question can be accessible online at present or in the future.

    With my thanks and regards,

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you are getting a lot out of the course.

      Right now the Iron Body and Palm are only available on DVD. That will change but I’m not sure when.