Qigong Lesson 1: Relaxation

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  1. Robert Whiteside says


    Thank you for this exercise.

    It’s amazingly simple and powerful. I’ve done many things to relax the physical. This is very effective.


  2. mahmoud ali says

    1. How long time do I have to perform this exercise ?
    2. In the video it show only shoulder, abs, and legs do I have to do any other parts of the body ?
    3. how many times for each part ?

    • Ben Sterling says

      1. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or 3 to complete this exercise. More in the beginning, less as you get used to it.

      2. Do the entire body at first. Then focus on whatever areas you need to relax.

      3. However many you need.

  3. mahmoud ali says

    I am practicing bodybuilding does that will be an issue for relaxtion?

    • Ben Sterling says

      No, it shouldn’t be an issue. Though I recommend incorporating as much relaxation as possible into your bodybuilding.