Qigong Lesson 2: Awareness

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  1. Robert Whiteside says


    Thank you for this exercise.

    This, like the first exercise, is very effective. I carry too much tension in the shoulders. I have already started using this at work to allay spots of tension I sense during the day.


  2. mahmoud ali says

    How can I feel that any part of my body has tension o it is relaxed ?

    • Ben Sterling says

      This will come with practice. Use the previous exercise on relaxation to begin building the awareness of when things are tense. Also, begin to check frequently throughout your day for excess tension.

      There is almost always more tension than is necessary even in advanced Tai Chi masters. So look for wherever you are holding the most tension. Then release it. Then look for where you are now holding the most tension and release it.

      You could even put this on a schedule. Pick several times throughout the day and do this exercise for a minute or two. Or set your phone to chime every hour as a reminder.

      Eventually you want to build this into a habit. So you are constantly releasing excess tension throughout the day without even thinking about it.