Lesson 5: Rolling Tjimande Strike

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  1. BudaST123 says:

    Hello Ben,
    To reiterate, the beginning portion of this program is very helpful in such that it shows you an under – the – hood examination of the art and the background that applies to this art. By describing the nuts – and – bolts of crafting yourself step by step, with some of the very specific details of this system of fighting and how to identify and emphaszie through action and descriptions, how to do so; bringing to life a desire to learn more and more… and I am sure Ben that your program will show a process to exactly how this can be done if you work hard on the beginning steps you should be able to use that as a solid platform to enhance the future materials… At this time I am ambitious about the next set of exercises and look foreward to them very much. As when you stop and think about it, this art is a set of priciples and concepts that’s grounded in a history that is very tight fisted. In a fighting style that is an artistic expression that compromsies so many things about reality! So much so, that I look to the next set of lessons with great interest. You have a great creative practically and it helps to carve a rewarding way for myself as the student to resonate such knowledge. ST

  2. Robert Whiteside says:


    Thank you for this.

    I find very helpful the descriptions of body mechanics and principles.


  3. Joao Horta says:

    i am a 20 year cma student and teacher from portugal that is recovering from a 100% atr (achilles).

    just found this on the web and tried out…so that i can keep my couch time pleasant….
    looks great….

    joao horta