Tai Chi Basic Skills Lesson 19 – Continuous Breathing

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  1. http://Harold%20Golden says

    I still can not get lesson 19 it comes up as Basic Skills

    • http://Ben%20Sterling says

      I’m seeing “Tai Chi Basic Skills Lesson 19 – Continuous Breathing”

      Are you seeing a different video lesson? or are you not seeing one at all?

  2. http://Harold%20Golden says

    I went to my I-phone and The Tai Chi Basic Skills is different than on my computer?

    • http://Ben%20Sterling says

      Try clearing your browsers cache and reloading the page. It could be that it’s cached an old version of the page.

      Let me know if that helps.

  3. http://Harold%20Golden says

    What’s up with vimeo private video? My password does not work.

    • http://Ben%20Sterling says

      Sorry about the difficulty. The issue should be fixed now. Let me know if gives you more trouble.

      • http://Harold%20Golden says

        Thank you the problem seems fixed. When are you going to put the Albany video in the members area?