The Art of Sparring for Self Defense

How to Pressure Test Your Art

The Art of Sparring

Learn how to spar with reality based self defense arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi.


Pressure testing is an essential part of reality based self defense arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi.

Unfortunately, popular sparring methods like, Full Contact MMA, Kickboxing & Karate point sparring are horribly ineffective when preparing for the realities of self defense.

…and they outright ban many of the strategies and techniques of reality based arts like Silat, Tai Chi & others.

In this video Sigung Richard Clear takes an in depth look at the drills, games & sparring methods that are essential when training these arts for self defense.

  • You will learn how to spar safely
  • You will learn how to train the full range of techniques including eye, throat and groin strikes against a resisting opponents.
  • You will learn basic ‘Monkey Play’ for developing your ground and grappling skills
  • …and you will learn how to use your Kuntao & Silat skills in the popular sport sparring format.

Bagua Exercise #1 for Internal Power, Strength & Flexibility

This is the first of 14 exercises in our Bagua Qigong for Internal Power, Strength & Flexibility.

As soon as you possible you should learn the whole set and practice it a minimum of 3 – 4 times per week.

In the meantime spend at least 5 – 10 minutes per day with this exercise.

Pay close attention to the alignment of your knees and lower back. These are the 2 most common errors.

Start at a medium height. As you progress begin working lower and lower. Intermediate students should be able to do this with their thighs parallel to the floor. (make sure your alignment is correct or going lower will not be beneficial.)

3 Types of Surprise Attacks and how to prepare for them


1. They came out of no where!

The attackers probably did not beam in from outer space. They were there and you just weren’t paying attention.

These are easy to prevent.

Simply practice awareness drills on a regular basis, plan ahead & use good judgment about what situations you put yourself into.

When good awareness skills aren’t enough, or you make a mistake, you’ll end up with one of the next two types of surprise attacks.

2. Sudden but you have time.

This is any attack where you see it coming. Maybe you catch the flash of a punch the instant before it lands or maybe the attackers engage you in conversation seconds or even minutes before the physical assault.

In either case the key is to not let suprise immobilize you.

Get moving.

Also, have a plan.

If you’re trying to make decisions in that type of situation you will freeze.

Have a simple plan of action that applies to most situations and practice, practice, practice.

3. Blindsided.

This is when the physical assault begins before you realize there’s a threat.

They are already hitting, grabbing or stabbing and you have to figure out what’s going on while that’s happening.

The solution is the same: have a plan of action and get moving.

The difference is that plan must be centered around training your body to instinctively slip and neutralize any incoming force.

This is also the focus of our new DVD.

Tactical Pen 2: Surprise Attacks & Knife Defense.

This DVD features step by step training to prepare you for surprise attacks. Including how to defend against surprise knife attacks.

You’ll learn how to prepare for the unexpected.

…and you’ll train your body and mind to respond instantly to attacks you don’t see coming.

You can save 25% on this new DVD until Friday Oct 24th.

Tactical Pen 2: Surprise Attacks & Knife Defense


Even the best self defense techniques will fail if you are caught by surprise.

Don’t let that happen to you.

This DVD features step by step training to prepare you for surprise attacks. Including how to defend against surprise knife attacks.

You’ll learn how to prepare for the unexpected.

…and you’ll train your body and mind to respond instantly to attacks you don’t see coming.

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The First Rule of Martial Arts

Silat07The first and most important rule of Martial Arts. ivermectina prezzo in farmacia

Rule 1) Survive.

Everything else is secondary.

…because if that first thing doesn’t happen, nothing else will either.

There are many great reasons to study martial arts. ivermectin plus injectable

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Longevity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Friends
  • Fun
  • Stress Relief
  • Fitness

…and many more.

But short term survival is first.

  • You can survive several weeks without food. ivermectine usa
  • You can survive several days without water.
  • You can survive a few minutes without air.

When a crazed maniac is swinging a machete at your head you only have a second…

…maybe less.. use your head and stay alive.

This is where we begin.

Don’t neglect your martial responsibility!

Silat05You have two responsibilities as a Martial Artist.

Meet new people & make new friends.

Do this for yourself.

Your art was not created in a vacuum and you cannot grow in one either. Get to know people who train different arts and you will get better because of it.

Do this for your art.

People discover other martial arts through the people who embody them. no-one can discover and appreciate your martial art unless they have friends who are highly skilled in that art.

Do this for the Martial Arts.

Segmenting the martial arts by style, lineage or method only weakens us all. Bickering, infighting and petty politics drives people away from all martial arts.

Seek out opportunities to meet martial artists you would not normally interact with.

Find events that are dominated by Martial Arts Styles you have little or no experience with and get to know the people there.

The more people you get to know the better your art will be.

This is why Kuntao & Silat are as effective as they are. Because of all the mixing, intermingling, “cross contamination” and exposure to the arts from India, Tibet, Thailand, China, The Philippines and of course Indonesia & Malaysia among others.

Now a lot of that exposure was through warfare, piracy and other forms of violence.

Ideally we use other methods. Like friendship and cooperation to get that exposure.

Of course, you need to train hard and study good material so you can be a quality representative of these arts.

I recommend starting here:

To Boldly Go Where No Martial Artist Has Gone Before…

Silat03The Internal Martial Arts are Incredibly awesome.

Anyone who understands this will study them for the rest of their lives.

This is fact.


A teacher’s most important job is to communicate this fact effectively to their students.

That’s the hard part.

…but if the teacher can find some way to get that fact to sink in then their work is done.

The student will take over.

Take charge of their education, learn, seek out new facts and information and boldly go where no martial artist has gone before.

The teacher may continue to facilitate that process, but they are no longer a required component.

If the teacher disappears the student will find another way to continue their studies.

That is our goal.

To find an effective way to communicate how incredibly awesome these arts are.
That’s what each class, seminar & workshop and DVD is about.

Every youtube video and facebook post.

That’s what the Internal Combat Arts Course is for.

That’s what each and every blog post is about.

Sharing information is simply a tool that teachers use to empower their students and communicate awesomeness. So that one day the student will take the art to a new level. One above and beyond anywhere we’ve gone before.

…and if you teach, that is your job.

Just that one task.

Figure out how to communicate the incredible awesomeness of the Internal Martial Arts.

You won’t reach everybody all the time.

In fact, you probably won’t reach anybody most of the time.

…but that’s ok.

We’ll just keep practicing and try again tomorrow.

Is your training past it’s expiration date?

Training Half-LifeTraining methods have an expiration date.

Like a piece of uranium.

Now, a single atom of uranium is highly unpredictable.

It could break down and release it’s energy in the next second, or it could hang around for billions of years. If you get a chunk of uranium things get a little more predictable.

We still don’t know when exactly the whole thing will decay but we do know that in 704 million years half of it will be gone.

704 million years is the half life of uranium.

Your training methods also have a half life.

The half life of a training method is the amount of time it takes to gain half of all the skill you can gain from that training method.

This is a very important.

…because from here on out you will never gain as much skill from this method as you already have.

And the amount of skill you gain will continue to become less and less.

Your progress will slow and stagnate unless you learn something new.

Of course it’s easy to find someone who will tell you to you should continue to learn.

But that’s not enough.

An open mind, an empty cup, going to workshops…

…these are the prerequisites. By themselves they are not enough.

You also need to know WHEN to learn something new and WHAT to learn next.

The first requires training logs and journals to track your progress. The second requires research and study.

I recommend starting with the 16 week Internal Combat Arts Course for a step by step study of Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi, Qigong & Kuntao Silat.

Every skill also has a learning curve.

That’s the amount of time it takes to develop functional use of that skill.

Some skills you can learn today and use tomorrow. Others could take 10 years of training to become usable.

The length of that learning curve depends on where you start.

So here’s the cool part…

Say I have a skill that takes six months to learn from scratch.

You could start now and spend 6 months of hard training before you begin to be able to use it…

OR we could find a second skill. One that’s related to the first.

Say… something with a 1 week learning curve and a 3 month half life.

So you have something you can use after 1 week.

…and you’re experience with second skill will cut 4 or 5 months off the learn curve of the first skill.

This is why learning from someone who is skilled in Kung Fu is a whole lot different than learning from someone who is skilled at teaching Kung Fu.

WARNING: Ignore Sammo Hung At Your Peril.

SammoI was sitting at my desk last night (couldn’t sleep) when my eye fell on a Kung Fu movie that I had been neglecting to watch for months.

Turns out it was a perfect example of the eclectic Kuntao Silat philosophy in action.

A young man, obsessed with kung fu, is torn between the only two kung fu schools in town.

He can’t decide which to study with and both schools strictly forbid studying with the other.

Fortunately for our young hero, he’s saved from The Bad Guy’s Henchmen by none other than Sammo Hung. Who gives him this advice,

“This situation is like food.

Some people like chicken,
others like fish,
others prefer vegetable and bean curd.

I like it all.

As long as it’s edible, I can eat anything.

I don’t care, that’s why I’m so fat.”

So, he takes the advice. Learns from both schools, and he does quite well for year.

Then, inspite of his new skill, he’s beaten up by The Bad Guy’s Henchmen, found out by both his teachers and kicked out of both schools to fend for himself.

Fortunately, The Man Who Eats Everything is still around running a wine business.

So, after a grueling training montage with his new teacher, our Young Hero beats up the The Bad Guys Henchmen, kills the Bad Guy and beats up the Bad Guys Brother (who’s been training in Manchuria for last three years preparing for revenge.)

Oh, and the feuding kung fu schools realize the error of their ways and are reunited.

The moral of the story?

When Sammo Hung says to eat everything, you eat.

…and when you’re looking for teachers, look for ones who don’t limit themselves by style or affiliation.

That’s why the Internal Combat Arts course contains Bagua, Xing Yi, Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi and Qigong.

Each of these arts can work just fine by itself,

…but they’re so much more powerful when you let them support one another, and feed off each other and grow together.

Listen to Sammo Hung.

Click the link and join now.